Cartografia digitale di Outdooractive 

La mappa di Outdooractive si basa su dati ufficiali che vengono forniti da progetti o da dati inseriti nel CMS da rinomati clienti. Ampie reti sentieristiche offrono agli utenti informazioni specifiche su diverse attività  (escursionismo, ciclismo, mountain bike, sport invernali).

The OpenStreetMap Map
Map section of the OpenStreetMap map

The OpenStreetMap Map

With the OpenStreetMap you can plan and save tours worldwide and unlimited.

The Outdooractive Map
Map section of the Outdooractive Map incl. hiking trails

The Outdooractive Map

With the Outdooractive Map you receive maps with official data. Editorially prepared trail networks for all activities enable ideal planning for the best possible result. All details for route condition and terrain can be seen at a glance.



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Map section of the swisstopo map

In selected products, the maps with the official data or the map series of the Alpine Clubs are also included for Switzerland and France.


Switzerland (incl. topographic map)


France (incl. topographic map)


Alpine Club map

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